The agency provides you with an excellent know-how aimed to guarantee the realization of perfect ebooks and free use of a platform with which you can easily manage your digital publications..
The mission is to help you achieve your goals, then provide you not only with the simple conversion of your books in digital format, but also with many other useful services.
The core of the work is you and your needs.

We think that to make your ebooks we cannot automate the process of implementation as there are many variables depending on the features of the book itself.
Moreover, the industry is constantly updated and every day new devices and new types of ebooks appear.
It's only by creating ebooks in an 'artisan way' that we can stay ahead with the times and that is why we entrust the production to a selected team of professionists and high quality external partners.
We believe that for some things there will never be an APP, or at least not in the next two - three years...

All this makes ePubMATIC a reliable, strong, versatile, dynamic, flexible agency, with innovative capabilities.
And the results are guaranteed: perfect ebooks, high customer satisfaction and facilities.

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